The Tile Life Designer Tips

The Tile Life Designer Tips

The Tile Life Designer Tips: Tips for styling your Bathroom and Kitchen

Tiles are often a very overlooked but highly valuable asset in any room or space. Say for example you walk into a room, any room, a lot of the times you will notice the furniture, the accents but if you take an even deeper look, what brings that room to the next level is the way the floors or walls are designed. From both a functionality and a design standpoint, let’s take a look at how you can style and design your next inspired space.

Bathroom tip: Avoid large format tiles

It’s your personal bathroom, so there’s no need for giant sized tiles and designs to crowd up the space inside. Also, when we’re talking about cutting and styling, bathrooms have a lot of assets inside like toilets, bathtubs and showers that require their own space. Of course, since bathrooms are typically small in nature, having large tiles will make it look awkward and a bit out of place.

Thought to ponder: Tiling your countertop

Tiled counter tops are a fan favorite. They’re stylish and are an absolute bargain. Careful though, these are high maintenance and the grout that may seep into the tile gaps are very difficult to clean.

Think long term: Design around your tile, not the other way around.

Remember, tile color is permanent. Can you actually imagine yourself re tiling every 4 or 5 years? That is way too much work and way too much hassle just to redo the aesthetic feel of the space you want modified.

Multiple tile colors: Yes or no?

Our take? Choose a style and a pattern that is visually appealing and makes sense. From the accents you plan on putting to the tones, visualize and apply as needed.

Grout - Important?!

Often overlooked and not even considered, you have to remember that grout is also a design element. From a designer perspective, it is one that can help emphasize the overall design of the space. There’s a lot to do with grout: you can change its color or space the tiles narrower or wider to emphasize the grout. Long story short, don’t overlook it so easily.

Your bathroom and kitchen are definitely important parts of your home and styling them with the right set of bathroom & kitchen mosaic tiles is critical. Especially if you want it to give off the right ambience and feel. Hopefully with our style guide and tips, you can style away comfortably.