About Us

Hello and Welcome, we are The Tile Life!!

Who we are

As our name suggests, we are more than just a tile company. We want to be a small part of happiness in each customers’ kitchen and life! We are a small, energetic team of young individuals who want to change the world one mosaic at a time. Starting with our line of Green Guard Certified recycled products, to our eventual mission to help Habitat Humanity and beyond, every purchase that is made goes to a company with a positive, happy attitude that wants to use their success to give back to their communities.

We believe in high quality products that are hand selected by our highly trained team of individuals that search the globe for the best tile, marble and glass mosaics. Each line that we carry has been hand selected and inspected by our team to ensure that the quality of our products meet our requirements and your expectations. Our relationships that we have with our suppliers allow us access to the best lines thus allowing you to have access to them.

We constantly update our product line with the latest styles, textures, colors and sizes that are most popular in the current market. Our team of designers and tile experts sift through hundreds of mosaic lines before choosing our lines. We have a wide range of products because we understand everyone’s taste and needs are different. We carry everything from sleek, modern glass to classic, rustic mosaics to the most gorgeous farmhouse marble looks!

We will provide the best service in the industry with carefully packaged orders delivered to you in a timely fashion. We desire satisfied customers, so we offer a sample program in order to help you pick the very best tile for your installation.

We create a culture of raving fans. Those that have installed our products are the happiest, satisfied customers who are confident that they chose the right tile supplier. We provide a selection of high quality, luxury mosaics and aim to exceed your expectations and desires.


Welcome to The Tile Life, we are a tile brand store that brings gorgeous mosaics (glass mosaics, marble mosaics, porcelain mosaics) and tiles (Porcelain and Ceramic) right to your doorstep with the click of a button. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our product choice for all your designing and installation needs.

We carry an extensive collection of beautiful glass, marble and mosaic tile options for your backsplash, bathroom, kitchen and more. We carry beveled 2x4 marble, chevron marble, diamante marble, glass in a variety of styles and colors and hand-selected tile lines from all around the globe. Want to try a mosaic or tile out before buying? We have a sample program to help you make the best decision for your installation. We currently ship to all 50 states in the U.S. within 1-3 business days.

Kitchen & Backsplash Mosaics

Our Kitchen & Backsplash Mosaics of marble and glass are made for your wall installation and backsplash dreams! From wood-look glass mosaics to hexagon marble to shades of white to blue to purple we have all your backsplash needs. Our collections come in several sizes, textures and materials to suit what is best for you. What are you waiting for, go create the kitchen you have been dying to have!

Floor Mosaic Tiles

We have you covered when it comes to your flooring needs! We offer several different marble Floor Mosaic Tiles to create the stunning floor of your dreams! From large hex marble mosaics to basketweave to vine, we have several different designs for you to choose from. Multiple colors are featured for most of our marble mosaic tile so that you can find the best shade for your renovations. Remember, sit back, relax and enjoy this process of choosing the best marble for your brand new, gorgeous marble floor.

Porcelain Tiles

We carry a versatile mix of Porcelain tiles ranging from large format to small format to wall/floor combos and accessory pieces such as bullnose and mosaics to match as well as 12x24’s. Porcelain tile can be used in entryways, walls, backsplashes, corridors, countertops, residential and commercial buildings. Porcelain tile is great for indoor and some outdoor flooring applications as well. Porcelain tile is a great option when you are looking for wood-look flooring as well as due to the nature of porcelain the material can easily be made to mimic as wood.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are the most common type of tile and offer a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Ceramic tile is best suited for wall and backsplash applications due to the natural of the tiles. Ceramic tile is commonly used throughout residential homes and is a wonderful option as it is easy to keep clean, durable, and several different options to choose from.