Modern Farmhouse Tile

Modern Farmhouse Tile

Modern Farmhouse Tile Design Ideas

Modern farmhouse design has risen in popularity over the past few years. If you are a fan of Fixer Upper, you might know that vintage-inspired fixtures, layering a few neutral colors, and natural textures are all part of the modern farmhouse design style. But how should you incorporate tile into farmhouse designs? Here are a few ideas for using modern farmhouse tiles in your home tile design.

Entryway Farmhouse Tile Ideas

Consider picking floor mosaic tiles that are durable and will make a statement for your entryway. We offer several porcelain mosaic tiles that can be used on floors or walls. Try using our 1"x1" Porcelain Hex Mosaic in black and white for some farmhouse tile designs. You can also keep it simple and versatile by using the 1"x1" Porcelain hex mosaic in white. If you are looking for a lower-maintenance porcelain mosaic, consider Honeycomb 2"x2" Mosaic in black to be more forgiving with dirt, spills, and stains. All of these would look great with natural textures and tones found in wood furniture and linen curtains.

You can use Santorini 1"x1" Marble Mosaic in Carrara and Nero for a glam farmhouse tile. These marble tiles pair well with the light furniture and contrasting dark fixtures that help create the signature farmhouse look. This marble flooring also looks great with the vintage-inspired fixtures that tie in the timeless look of farmhouse style.

Bathroom Farmhouse Tile Ideas

If you are designing a farmhouse-style bathroom, there are so many tiles for bathroom design that you can choose from. You might want to consider using mosaic bathroom tiles for the floor, similar to the entryway tile designs. Again, the 1"x1" porcelain hex mosaics or Santorini 1"x1" Marble Mosaic in Carrara and Nero will look great. But you can also consider mosaic bathroom tiles for backsplash, shower walls, or a statement wall behind the vanity.

Consider using a classic subway tile with contrasting black grout for a modern farmhouse look. This is a way to add something unexpected to your subway tile design while keeping the design versatile and flexible for future decor changes. Using subway tiles with black grout will also modernize vintage-inspired elements like faucets and lighting fixtures.

If you want a more classic farmhouse tile design, stick to light and airy tiles to contrast with wood, shiplap, and other decor elements. Much of farmhouse design is neutral, so consider using texture to create interest. Like Santorini's 1"x1" Marble Mosaic, a marble tile mosaic will add some shine and a simple geometric pattern to the floor. A mosaic like Recycled Serenity 1.75" x 2.88" Glass Mosaic will help add some texture and a unique elongated hexagon shape on a shower wall or backsplash. Another great option is Victory Carrara Glass Mosaic, which adds shine to a shower niche or statement wall.

Kitchen Farmhouse Tile Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen design has more elements to consider than entryways and bathrooms, from appliances to size, including many different textures. Many of the previous suggestions, like subway tile or a porcelain hexagon tile floor, would work well as kitchen floor and wall tiles. But you might also want to consider the various mosaic tile kitchen backsplash options.

Marble tiles are an excellent selection for glam, shine, and beautiful designs. Santorini Diamante in White looks amazing as an airy, neutral backsplash. The beautiful diamond design adds a touch of pattern and charm. You could also choose Santorini Diamante in White/Black for a little extra drama incorporating darker design elements.

Porcelain wall mosaics are also a great option. Metro Moon porcelain mosaic also fits the farmhouse tile style with White, Light Grey, and Multiple options. These have a handmade look that creates a cozy twist to the classic subway tile. It can also contrast countertops and cabinets with its range of colors.

There are so many design options for creating a farmhouse look. Hopefully, this post helped create some inspiration for choosing home tiles that fit within a farmhouse design style. Remember to check out our options for wall and floor mosaic tiles!

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