Tile Selection Basics

Tile Selection Basics

Tile Selection Basics

Your new home is almost there. The roof is done, the house structure is all set, and the only thing you need to take care of now is the interiors. You meet up with your designer as you go through the different long-term designs that need to be fixed into your new home. As overlooked as tiles may seem, they are now crucial. These are going to serve as the foundational design of your home. The ambiance and look of your home highly depend on the quality and look of the tiles you select. Whether for the floor, the wall, or the backsplash, the design and its look have now become paramount. Let's take you through our best tips for tile selection.

Down to the basics:

What your space needs is essential to consider when choosing a tile. Make sure to answer the following questions when considering: How durable does my tile need to be? Will it need to withstand water or just the everyday dirt? How often will my tile need cleaning? (Let's face it, if we could avoid cleaning altogether, we would)


Tiles vary in size and design. Some well-known tile sizes are 300 x 600 mm, 600 x 600 mm, and 800 x 800 mm. We suggest that you connect with your interior designer so you guys can map out the exact size of your tiles to fit the space that you have.

Colors are important:

Colors and designs are what make tile decision-making very important. We suggest you choose light-colored, basic designs to make it easy on the eyes. For a more trendy, upscale look, try mixing and matching some heavy-handed colors and mosaic tile designs to really make your space pop.

Grouting 101

It was a trend at one point where contrast grouting was a thing. Preferably, we would recommend grout that matches the color of your tile. Have thin grout lines and make them blend in as much as possible.