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Soft Glam Bathroom Inspo

Soft Glam Bathroom Inspo

Soft Glam Bathroom Inspo

You have a bathroom that you have been contemplating renovations on for months, you finally found a contractor that you want to do business with and now you are left with the most exciting and daunting part - what style and products do you want for your new bathroom?

If you are someone who enjoys delicate, softer glam or if you just have an open mind for your bathroom renovation - I hope this helps you!

To begin - I would choose a primary color that you can build off of when you are choosing bathroom accessories, etc! For this soft glam inspo, we have chosen white as the primary color. When choosing a backsplash, floor tile, paint samples, bathroom accessories, etc - it is important to choose 50% or so of the products to be the primary color while the rest of the items can be in the same color family or even a few pops of color. The reason you want to do this is because you want the bathroom to be soft so most of the items should blend in rather than steal the show. The small accent pieces such as a pretty lilac bath mat or patterned shower curtain can help add those pops of color without taking away from the simplistic beauty of a white bathroom.

If you are redoing your bathroom and are looking for some wonderful white mosaic options for your soft glam look - we have compiled some of our favorites for you to take a look at below.

The first mosaic is our Victory Carrara Sleek - this is a great option if you want something luxurious yet simplistic. The thin pieces of white carrara mixed in with smooth white glass make it one of the best choices for a feature wall or backsplash.

Secondly is our gorgeous, rich Diamante marble mosaic. This is for those looking for a glamorous look that isn't flashy. I think this mosaic is to die for considering I have it in my own kitchen as a backsplash, but aside from that - I think this mosaic will be the perfect mosaic for a soft, feminine bathroom.

Thirdly is our chic, Recycled Hexagon in Carrara - what do we love the most about this mosaic? The fact that its Green Guard Certified and made of recycled materials. What better way to feel good about a home renovation than knowing you are using materials that are benefiting the environment. Aside from its A+ report card, our Recycled Hex is great for those looking for more modern glam as well as a mosaic with some sophistication.

Last but not least is our Karma White glass mosaic tiles. This is the best for someone who wants the glam feel but would rather achieve it from the accessories they choose rather than from the mosaic and tiles they choose. This glass is perfect because it is white and textured but is not going to steal the show from the beautiful accessory pieces that you had your eye on at Home Goods!!

Once you have chosen the perfect mosaic, hopefully one here from The Tile Life, go ahead and pick out new towels, bath mat, shower curtain and other accessories pieces in your favorite colors. I wish you good luck and I know your bathroom renovations will look fabulous!